Luxury Lipsticks are here!

Renowned Makeup Artist Elizabeth De Kruijff is excited to launch her new Lipstick range! This season be in touch to see the latest Lipstick shades to suit you and your personality!  De Kruijff's extensive selection of Luxury Lipsticks are of premium quality with a creamy delicious, long wearing range of colours. Formulas in high gloss, cream, pearl and the ultimate long wearing matte. All our lipsticks contain Vitamin E for its soothing and healing properties. We keep it sweet with a touch of vanilla natural extract. We do it in head turning style that's anything but boring. Colours range from the sheerest naked to the brightest, bold and beautiful. Our products are made in Germany and Canada and are not tested on animals. All of our makeup is paraben free, allergy tested, non- comedogenic and fragrance free.